Sales agency changes name

D.H. Procurement has represented Specialty Screw Corporation in the southwest for the last 14 years.  They have now changed their name to Production Components Inc.  This multi man agency covers the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and the Texas/Mexico border cities.  Their experience in the special cold heading and fastening fields dates back over forty years.  Their central office is located in the Dallas metro area.

Located in the Midwest and Chicago Land Area, Specialty Screw Corporation is a Rockford Illinois Fastener Manufacturer of: MAThread® Automotive Fasteners, Ball Studs, Collar Studs, Collar Bolts, Double End Studs, Bolts, Metric Bolts, Special Bolts, Stainless Steel Bolts, Cold Headed Fasteners, Cold Headed Special Fasteners, Cold Headed Products, Engineered Fasteners, Engineered Components, Fasteners, Precision Fasteners, Special Cold Heading, Special Cold Forming, Metric Fasteners, Metric Screws, Metric Bolts, Special Pins, Special Rivets and Synergistic Assemblies.

Markets served include the Automotive, Electrical, Recreational, Hardware, Outdoor Power Equipment, Lawn & Garden, Distribution, Hand Tools and Molded rubber products, Molded plastic products, Commercial and Construction hardware.

Specialty Screw Corporation is licensed to manufacture MAThread® and MATpoint®.

MAThread® and MATpoint® are patented thread designs. MAThread and MATpoint are registered trademarks of MAThread Inc.