What is MATPoint®?

MATPoint® is one of the many available designs of MAThread®. The others are MAThread® dog point, MAThread® PPoint and MAThread® Radiused Point.

They are all extremely versatile and feed well in the application. The MAThread forces the two thread helixes to align, every time, without fail. The fasteners then drive easily, with reduced effort. MATPoint works with all types of nuts and internal threads, including lock nuts, making it very useful. It has unrivaled anti-cross thread performance whereby the MATPoint® never cross threads.

This is backed with a hundred percent success record. It makes paint cutters obsolete due to the fact that it is unaffected by paint in internal threads or excess paint. This new technology has changed the course of car assembly. Installers exclaim that it “glides in” and they are ecstatic over its ease and efficiency.

It aligns components by itself, even the must stubborn situations. This is done by MATPoint® finding holes and forcing itself straight up. It also fixes clogged internal threads because it slides through paint build ups.

It is user friendly and versatile, and more importantly, it never fails to work. Its superior performance level makes it attractive and trustworthy to all investors and it lives up to their expectation.

MATPoint® and the other MAThread® designs have delivered a track record like no other fastener.  Their ease of use has enabled labor reductions and its efficiency has reduced costs, replacements, and maintenance.

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MAThread® and MATpoint® are patented thread designs.
MAThread® and MATpoint® are registered trademarks of MAThread Inc.
Specialty Screw Corporation